Team Results for the Az State BJJ Championship

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Results for the Adult Teams

1st GD Jiu-Jitsu Academy
2nd Ares/Nava BJJ
3rd Power MMA
4th BJJ Revolution
AZ Combat Sports

Results for the Kids Teams

1st One Jiu Jitsu
2nd Lotus Club Jiu Jitsu
3rd Power MMA
4th Ares/Nava BJJ
GD Jiu-Jitsu/Horizons M.A.

Individual Division winners results are posted on

Az State BJJ Championship’s TOMORROW!!!!

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AZ BJJ State Schedule

8:30am Open Doors
10:00am Kindergarten 1 & 2 All White Belts
Pre-Teen 1 White Belt (Light Feather & Feather)
10:30am Pre-Teen 1 White Belt (Light to Ultra)
Pre-Teen 2 White Belt (Rooster to Light)
11:00am Pre-Teen 2 White Belt (Middle to Ultra)
Jr Teen White Belt (Rooster to Ultra)
11:30am All Kindergarten 1 & 2 Grey Belts
Pre-Teen 1 Grey Belt (Rooster to Ultra)
Teen White Belt (Rooster to Ultra)
12:00pm Pre-Teen 2 Grey Belt (Rooster to Ultra)
12:40pm All Jr.Teen & Teen Grey Belts
1:10pm All Pre-Teen 1 & 2, and Jr. Teen Yellow Belts
1:40pm All Teen Yellow Belts and All Orange & Green Belts
3:30pm All Brown Belts
All Juvenile Blue Belts
Adult male Blue Belt (Rooster to Light)
4:00pm Adult male Blue Belt (Middle)
4:40pm Adult Blue Belt (Medium Heavy to Ultra)
All Master 1 Blue Belts
Master 2 Blue Belt (Rooster to Heavy)
5:00pm Master 2 Blue Belt (Super Heavy & Ultra)
5:30pm All Master 3 Blue Belts
All Adult & Master 1 Female Blue Belt
6:00pm All Brown Belt Open Classes
All Blue Belt Juvenile Open Classes

8:30am Open Doors
10:00am All Adult male Purple Belts
All Master 1 & 2 Purple Belts
11:00am All Master 3 Purple Belts
All Female Purple Belts
All Juvenile White Belts
All Black Belts
Adult male White Belt (Light feather)
11:20am Adult male While Belt (Feather)
11:45am Adult male White Belt (Light to heavy)
12:00pm Adult male White Belt (Super Heavy & Ultra)
Master 1 male White Belt (Feather)
12:20pm Master 1 male White Belt (Light to medium-heavy)
12:45pm Master 1 male White Belt (Heavy to Ultra)
All Master 2 male White Belts
1:00pm All Master 3 male White Belts
1:20pm All Female White Belts (Adult & Master 1)
1:30pm All Black Belt Open Classes
Adult male Purple belt Open Class
1:45pm All Purple Belt Master 1 & 2 Open Classes
2:00pm Adult male & female Blue Belt Open classes
Master 3 Purple Belt Open class
Adult & Master 1 Female Purple Belt Open Class
2:30pm Master 1, 2 & 3 male and female Blue Belt Open Classes
Athletes should be in the warm up area at least 30 minutes prior to the time assigned for his or her division on the schedule.

Athletes who placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd are eligible to register for the Open Class bracket.

White Belts (all weight divisions) – There will not be an open class for these divisions;
Black Belt Adult – All athletes are eligible to compete in open class;

All divisions must register in the Open Class within 15 min after receiving their medal award. After that, registration will be closed.

2nd Degree Caio Terra Black Belt Jay Pages

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Jay Pages CTA

By Danny O’Donnell


Jay Pages has been involved in martial arts for the better part of his life, having practiced wrestling, boxing, muay thai, and jiu jitsu among various other disciplines. While he contends that all of these arts have had mental and physical benefits, jiu jitsu has always been special to him. “There’s only so many ways you can throw a punch or a kick, but with jiu jitsu, your options almost seem limitless. It’s one of, if not the most mind stimulating martial art. It’s a thinking man’s game that to me takes far more finesse, understanding of your body, and so many other physical attributes to be proficient at it. Jiu-Jitsu keeps the mind stimulated.”

A big part of Jay’s drive to seek improvement has come from competition. He is one of the leaders of the Caio Terra Association in Arizona, which finished 1st in the Kid’s and 5th in the Adult rankings for 2015. “The influences fighting and competition had on me is the same influence wrestling had on me during high school. The grind! There’s a certain grind that training for fights, wrestling, or BJJ competitions puts you through that you cannot experience in other sports. It’s one on one, mano e mano, you or him! When everything is on you to win or lose and when there’s no one else to blame if you lose, the mental pressure you go through helps you develop a fortitude that team sports don’t teach you. Competitions have made me physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger and I can take all I’ve learned to my guys. I know what to expect. I understand limits better and I feel I have a better understanding of how hard I can push someone because I’ve been there.”

This experience has been a driving force behind his team’s success. Jay is always challenging his students to compete in the local Arizona tournaments as well as tournaments out of state. “There’s a certain element of self-discovery that is gained through the process of competition that you simply cannot get any other way. You learn more about yourself, your game, your limits, and so much more by competing. You gain a better understanding of yourself as a person and you get to see what you are made of through competition. It is one of the most difficult things to do in any sport. As challenging as it is, it’s one of the best learning tools out there for Jiu-Jitsu. The brain tends to remember things best through the hardest courses of action. So, what’s harder than competing? You will remember what went wrong, what went right, and any corrections far better through competing than a teacher telling you what to do.  Especially through failure! There’s a reason why the saying exists, ‘You don’t lose, you learn!’ It exists because it’s true! And competition is one of your best teachers!”

Competitors nowadays often don’t realize how lucky we are with the amount of opportunities we have to compete, especially locally. Jay has been around since the early days of jiu jitsu in Arizona, so he recognizes and takes full advantage of each competition. “The local competition scene is amazing! Like I said earlier, I’ve been involved in the BJJ community since the beginning. And it’s amazing to see where it was to where it is today. Professor Gustavo Dantas has done wonderful things for us here in the BJJ community! I’m grateful for what he has done here in AZ. Honestly, had we not had Gustavo here doing his tournaments, I could almost guarantee that we would not be where we are today. The growth of our BJJ community and the growth of the competitions would not be where it is today. Our top competitors in AZ would not be as developed as they are today.”

Not one to settle on his personal or team’s accomplishments, Jay has multiple goals in place for the remainder of 2016 and beyond. “Each one of my students has their own journey, doing jiu jitsu for their own reasons. I plan to help each and every one of them along their journey. I’m also working on placing a big emphasis on our kids program. As soon as we expand into a bigger location, we’ll be doubling our mat space in order to meet and fulfill the demand for the growth in our kids and teens program. I’m also in the process of establishing a wounded warrior type program for vets and others dealing with PTSD and using jiu jitsu to help them deal with and work through. I have friends back east that have had success with the program and I wanted to do the same here. I want to give back to those who have given so much. With the growth of the facility, it would make it easier to manage these programs.”

”I would like to thank OSS Physical Therapy for keeping me on the mats. I would like to thank Moya Brand for keeping me clothed and trusting me to represent their brand in competition. I would like to thank OSS Clothing for putting clothes on my back and believing in me to represent their brand on the streets and in competition. I would like to thank Jitsbreed for being there for me and my students and helping us out whenever they can with the art work they do for me and my guys. Also East Valley Crossfit for keeping me strong, mobile, and in shape for training and tournaments. Lastly Fresh Millions for the fresh, clean and wonderful food when I’m preparing for competitions.” For more information on Jay on his academy, visit

Athlete Correction Deadline for the Az State BJJ Championship

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Athlete Correction Deadline: TUESDAY 06/21/2016 at 9:00 pm local time (Arizona)

Please review your child’s or your registration and confirm if all the divisions are registered properly. Full competitors list will be available on Saturday, June18 on the registration website at If any corrections need to be made, send an email to by TUESDAY, 8 pm on June 21, 2016.

Andre Galvao Seminar at Phoenix BJJ & MMA

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4x IBJJF World Champion Andre Galvao will be teaching a 2 hour seminar Saturday September 3, 2016.  This is only his 2nd time ever teaching a seminar in the Phoenix area.  Don’t miss an opportunity to train with one of the greatest bjj competitors of all time!

2016 Az State BJJ Championship REGISTRATION ENDS TODAY

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azstate2016-banner 2016 Az State BJJ Championship
Friday June 17 at 11:59pm tonight


Az State BJJ Championship Registration

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2016 Az State BJJ Championship Patches are in

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Patches for the first place competitor at the Az State BJJ Championships are in. We will be giving these patches to each first place competitor in each division. Also if you have not registered for the Arizona State BJJ championships on June 25&26 do so now. Registration will close for the kids at 400 competitors registration for the adult juveniles and women’s division will close at four on the competitors. We are already halfway there so sign up before it’s too late.

David Reilly of Undisputed Tucson

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By Danny O’Donnell

Undisputed Logo


The physical benefits of jiu jitsu, such as weight loss and increased cardiovascular conditioning, are often marketed as the main benefits of practice to new students. While these aspects of training are certainly evident, experienced practitioners know that the mental benefits like increased confidence, discipline, and determination, often far outweigh any physical gains. David Reilly, head instructor of Undisputed Tucson, is a shining example of this. He started his training in Lexington, Kentucky. “I was a student at the University of Kentucky and met Jason Keaton, a Carlson Gracie Jr. purple belt, at the gym I was working out at. After a short stint in Lexington, I moved to Nashville, TN and started training with Shawn Hammonds under Lloyd Irvin.  I was promoted from white to black under Shawn and Lloyd.”

Coming up through the ranks, David was an active competitor. “I had never wrestled or played any individual sports at a competitive level before so this was an entirely new experience for me.  Needless to say, I didn’t win right away.  In fact, it took me a while before I started winning anything.  Learning to deal with losing, all on your own without a team to shield part of that failure, was absolutely paramount in my development as a person. I wasn’t naturally gifted, so I worked as hard as I could at being the best I could be.” David took to the biggest stages jiu jitsu competition had to offer, competing at many of the IBJJF major events.

“The Pan Ams was the very first tournament I competed in as a black belt.  I fought a tough opponent named Thiago Ramos and beat him by a slim two-point margin.  After that, for the next three years, I lost every single match I had. The mental demons I had to face throughout those three years were super hard for me.  I came up with so many excuses as to why I shouldn’t be competing anymore. Quitting wasn’t an option.  I knew I’d want to be able to look at all the students training with me and show them that, if I can go out there and push myself to continue searching and fighting for the win after three straight years of nothing but losses, they could too…both on AND off the mats.”

David endured the trials and tribulations of competition and eventually earned medals in important IBJJF tournaments, including the Pan Ams and American Nationals. It was this level of dedication and determination that he wanted to pass onto his students. “I knew that I’d always be involved in jiu jitsu in some way, shape or form since I started training.  It wasn’t until I was roughly 26 years old that I realized I was done doing something I had to do to just to earn an income. At 31 years old, I heard about an opening at a gym in Tucson, AZ.  After a flight out and a brief conversation, I headed back to KY and sold off all my assets so I could double down and bet on my dream. When I bought Undisputed 4 years ago, we had roughly 300 members.  This year we crossed over the 1000-member mark. For the past 2 years we were nominated for and were among the top 5 finalists for small business of the year by the Tucson Chamber of Commerce and among the top five finalists for “Best Gym” by Tucson Weekly.”

Since David’s purchase of Undisputed, he’s worked with his students on setting goals and building plans to achieve them. “Every year I ask all team members to tell me (and each other in a group meeting) what their competitive and personal goals are for the year.  Then, we all figure out ways we can help each other achieve them. This year, my personal competitive goal is to compete in at least 5 IBJJF events and be able to walk away from each one with the confidence that I was emotionally intelligent; that I was able to recognize self-defeating thoughts, call them out for what they are, and eliminate them so I can perform to the absolute best of my ability (which will absolutely make competing fun!). I have to give credit to Gustavo Dantas for the above mentioned goal, as this information came from his most recent mental coaching seminar in Tucson. There’s nothing I want more as a coach than to help my team do the exact same.  This year, we took 24 people from Undisputed alone to the Pan American Championship.  When I first moved here 4 years ago, we took 4 people (including me).  I want to continue to elevate and transform the jiu jitsu community around me, beginning with myself, my team, my city, my state, my country and my world.”

If you’d like more information on David and his personal journey in jiu jitsu, be sure to check out For more info on Undisputed, Tucson’s only full service fitness facility that offers boxing, kickboxing, jiu jitsu, fitness and women’s only classes inside a 16,000 sq ft facility packed with a full range of weight and cardio equipment, visit

To the parents rules and regulations for our competitions

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This video is about the rules and regulations at our Arizona State Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu federation competitions. We at the AzStateBJJFederation follow the IBJJF competition standards. You can find out more information by going to and looking up rules and regulations for competition.