Attn Arizona Coaches

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Attention Coaches

All schools affiliated with the AZSBJJF operate under a certified team, with their lead instructor being promoted by a recognized Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. We do not support unrecognized or self-promoted individuals in order to maintain our high standards within the BJJ practice.

The school directory is also a way to say thank you to the schools that consistently support the AZSBJJF and GDJJ Events. Starting on June 23rd, 2012, at the 2012 AZ State Championship, in order to receive free entry as a coach at all AZSBJJF/GDJJ Events, your school must be affiliated with AZSBJJF, local schools who are not consistently supporting the events with at least five competitors, will be removed from the school directory. Out of State schools must contact for coaches passes It’s mandatory for ALL competitors to include the name of their coach when registering for the tournament.

If a team has multiple schools competing under one name, coaches receive entry based on the number of students representing their specific school. For example, a school has a coach that has only four people competing, but is competing under a team with over twenty people. His name will not qualify for free entry as a coach since he has only four competitors.

The coach’s name will be at the door and the name cannot be replaced the day of the event. If a coach cannot attend the tournament, GDJJ Events needs to be notified by the correction day deadline. Here is the breakdown:

Schools with under five competitors – no free entry for coach

Schools with at least five competitors – 1 coach

Schools with 6 to 10 competitors – 2 coaches

Schools with 11 to 20 competitors – 3 coaches

Schools with over 20 competitors – 4 coaches

Schools interested in being featured at the website must contact

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