4th SW BJJ Classic Schedule & Brackets

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Saturday, October 20th


9:00am – Doors open
10:00am – White Belt Kindergarten 1 & 2 (All weights)
10:20am – White Belt Pre-Teen 1 (All weights)
11:00am – White Belt Pre-Teen 2 (All weights)
11:30am  – White Belt Jr. Teen (All weights)
11:50am – White Belt Teen (All weights)
Yellow Belt Kindergarten 1 & 2 (All weights)
Yellow Belt Pre-Teen 1 (From rooster to middle weight)
12:20 pm – Yellow Belt Pre-Teen 1 (Medium Heavy to Ultra weight)
Yellow Belt Pre-Teen 2 (All weights)
Yellow Belt Jr. Teen (Rooster & Light feather)
12:40pm –  Yellow Belt Jr. Teen (From feather to ultra-heavy)
Yellow Belt Teen (All weights)
1:00pm – All orange and green belts

Blue Belt
2:15pm – Blue Belt Adult Male (light to ultra-heavy)
2:50pm – Blue Belt Adult Male (Rooster to feather)
Blue Belt Juvenile (All weights)
3:15pm – Blue Belt Master, Senior 1 & 2
3:30pm – Blue Belt Adult female
4:00pm – Adult Male, Juvenile, Master, Senior 1 & 2 Open
4:20pm – Adult Female Open

Sunday, October 21st

9:00am – Doors Open
10:00am – Purple Belt Adult Male, Master & Seniors 1 & 2 (All weights)
10:30am – Purple Belt Adult Female
All Brown Belts
White Belt Adult male (rooster & light feather)
All White Belt Adult female
11:00am – White Belt Adult male (feather)
11:20am – White Belt Adult male (light)
White Belt Juvenile male (From rooster to middle)
11:40am – White Belt Juvenile male (From medium heavy to ultra)
White Belt Adult male (middle & medium heavy)
12:00pm – All Black Belts
White Belt Adult male (Heavy)
12:20pm – White Belt Adult male (Super Heavy & Ultra)
All White Belt Masters & Seniors 1 & 2
1:00pm – All Open Classes

Registrations for the Blue, Purple and Brown Belt Open Divisions will take place at the end of each division. The same IBJJF System will be used, only the top 4 of each division can compete in the open class (All belts and age groups). NO OPEN CLASS FOR THE WHITE BELT DIVISION.

Brackets Available now at http://www.gdjjevents.com 

During the tournament, any mistakes on the brackets that were not corrected on the check-day (Tuesday and Wednesday, October 16th & 17th at 7pm) will lead to immediate disqualification. NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE AFTER THE REGISTRATION CHECK DATE!

IMPORTANT!! The weigh in system is the same used by IBJJF. The competitor will weigh in before his first match. If you don’t make weight, you will be immediately disqualified. Please make sure that you are in the correct weight category. You cannot change divisions, if you do not make your designed division. No changes will be accepted on the day of the tournament, and no refunds will be made. We offer an extra scale for people to check their weights before.

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