4th Southwest BJJ Classic results

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The 4th Southwest Classic came to a close last weekend, in another successful outing for the AZSBJJF.The tournament brought plenty of action, with teams fighting hard to place within the Top 5 in the Adult Team Division. At the end of the day, the announced Top 5 were:

1st GD Jiu-Jitsu

2nd Nava BJJ


4th Siege MMA/Lotus Club

5th Ruffhouse

After re-organizing and re-calculating the result after the event, it was discovered that one division had been omitted from the points (female/purple/absolute). The program used to organize the brackets, input the results, and calculate the points added the medals from this division, but without adding the points and this error was not spotted until the day after the tournament. With the missing points added, the Top 5 was altered to reflect the true point standings. The correct Top 5 are:

1st GD Jiu-Jitsu

2nd Nava BJJ


4th Ruffhouse

5th Siege MMA/Lotus Club

GD Jiu-Jitsu Events and the AZSBJJF works its hardest to make sure that mistakes like this do not occur, and if it does, works even harder to amend the problem. GD Jiu-Jitsu Events and the AZSBJJF wants to apologize for this setback.

As for the kids: Team GD Jiu-Jitsu claimed first prize once again, MWBJJ grabbed the second spot, Power MMA ended up in third, JCBJJ took the fourth spot, and Team Megaton finished up with fifth place.

The individual standouts were those who managed to win the absolute divisions (most of which also won their weight divisions): Josh Guerra (Juvenile/Blue), Tyson Antillon (Adult/Blue), Jerry Hedrick (Masters/Blue), Sione Manako (Senior 1/Blue), David Blau (Senior 2/Blue), Sarah Black (Female/Blue), Daniel Hampton (Adult/Purple), Joseph Marchie (Masters/Purple), Nana Hosokawa (Female/Purple), Benson Henderson (Adult/Brown), John Kessler (Masters/Brown), Alex Todorovich (Senior 1/Brown), Tanner Rice (Adult/Black), and Joel Patchen (Masters/Black).

Full results of the 4th Southwest Classic can be viewed on www.gdjjevents.com

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